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How Much CBD Should I Take?

How Much CBD Should I Take?

When it comes to trying CBD for the first time or changing brands, it can be confusing to figure out where to start. You may be wondering if there’s a recommended dosage, or just how much CBD you should take.

What Does the mg Mean?

You’ve probably noticed the milligrams noted on Thru Hemp’s or other brands’ products. At Thru Hemp, we offer hemp oils in 750, 1500 and 3000 mg and gummies at 900 mg, but what does that even mean?

The milligram number is the total amount of cannabinoids per container. What’s especially important to point out is that, because it’s amount of cannabinoids per container, the size of the container matters. 1500 mg in our 1 fl oz bottle will have a higher concentration of cannabinoids per dose than another brand that offers 1500 mg in a 3 fl oz bottle.

Because the mg is the concentration of cannabinoids per container, 1500 mg of hemp oil will be more potent than 750 mg, but less potent than 3000 mg.

To determine how many mg per dose you’re getting with your CBD products, divide the mg by how many doses you have in the container. For Thru products, it breaks down to:

Mg per Container Mg per Dose
750 mg (Hemp Oil) 25 mg
900 mg (Gummies) 30 mg
1500 mg (Hemp Oil) 50 mg
3000 mg (Hemp Oil) 100 mg

The milligram amount that you’ll want to use depends on how much your body needs for the effects. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy or clear-cut answer to how much that is, but if you’re new to CBD and are looking to add just a bit of better—whatever that means to you—to your day, we suggest starting with a lower potency and working your way up. Those needing more relief or who have more experience with CBD may want to order a higher potency.

What’s the Recommended CBD Dosage?

As mentioned above, there isn’t a clear-cut amount that an individual should take. It differs from person to person depending on the individual’s need, physical size and tolerance. Those using CBD to help with high anxiety, for instance, may need a higher potency and/or dose, and individuals who are taller and/or heavier will need a higher dose.

What we recommend is that you start with 1mL of the hemp oil or one gummy 2-3 times per day. Users often prefer to start and end their day with a dose for a week. During that time, pay attention to how you feel: Has pain decreased? Are you feeling less anxious? Did you fall asleep easier? If you’ve noticed a marked difference and like how you feel, continue with that amount. If not, increase how often you’re taking doses or the amount you’re taking at one time. Because 750 mg is 25 mg per dose (1 mg), if you’re noticing a difference by taking two doses at once (2 mg), you’re now taking 50 mg at a time and would do better to order 1500 mg. 

At the end of the day, Thru Hemp products are meant to help you find your better, so the amount that you should take depends on how much and what potency gets you to that point. Each of our products has more information on the product details page to help you decide what is best for you so you can get back to better.

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