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Drop us your email and take 10% off your order!

Our Story

What’s in your CBD matters, which is why we started Thru Hemp. Using cannabinoids from hemp grown on small farms in the Northwest and only a few simple ingredients, we offer true seed-to-shelf, zero-THC CBD products. Enjoy the benefits of CBD for your health and wellness.
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Who We Are

We know hemp. With a history in hemp farming and navigating the rewarding but sometimes harsh industry, we have put our knowledge to work by creating a simple, seed-to-shelf and true zero-THC CBD product.

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What We Do

When you order from Thru Hemp, you can be certain that you’re getting the highest quality Broad Spectrum CBD without any THC. Because we get our hemp grown organically in Northwest America, we know every step your CBD has taken from the seed that’s planted to the final product on the shelf. Whether you’re new to CBD or have been taking it for years, you can trust Thru Hemp will deliver the best quality CBD with absolutely zero THC.

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Last Prisoner Project

We are proud to partner with the Last Prisoner Project—a cannabis criminal justice reform nonprofit. With the cannabis industry largely decriminalized and growing nationally, Last Prisoner Project works to aid those who were incarcerated for cannabis crimes through legal intervention, public education, and legislative advocacy. 5% of every Thru Hemp sale goes towards supporting Last Prisoner Project.